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The core of Anidra Academy

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The location

Anidra Academy was built by a group of people coming from all over Italy who decided to create their own venue, centroAnidra, a beautiful rural park with immense forests and clear streams where they are giving life to an innovative and deeply holistic project that integrates recovering the land thanks to its organic farm; hosting guests in its farmhouse, eco-village and agri-camping; and individual training for personal growth thanks to a range of different activities.

Built and restored by implementing the principles of natural architecture and Feng Shui, centroAnidra is now part of the WWF Panda farms and responsible tourism networks, offering high quality genuine products, environmentally sustainable holidays and workspaces to host retreats, workshops and events.

Anidra Academy's mission

Since the birth of Anidra Academy, we’ve been working on personal development by trying to integrate the persons’ inner and outer dimensions, and by creating a link between Eastern culture (yoga, meditation, Chinese, Japanese and indo-Tibetan martial arts, Buddhism, tantric philosophy, Sufi Islam, shamanism) and Western culture (existential philosophy and culture) in order to integrate these two different forms of knowledge.

This is how Anidra Academy has become a Holistic Training School that offers an effective method to achieve personal growth, like the Shanga Training Course; educational courses to professionally qualify as a Holistic Practitioner and a Holistic Counsellor; and in-depth training for obtaining diplomas in a wide range of holistic specializations.