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These courses and events aim at changing your perspective on life.

Residential Courses:
The best way to approach the Anidra Method is the Shanga Training Course, a series of residential seminars that allow you to work on your inner self through physical and emotional practices, including the Essene mirrors, Meditation and on-going group work.

The Tai Ji Quan Coruse, with its occasional integration of other disciplines like Yoga and Qi Gong, ads that extra element of the Eastern disciplines to the transversal Anidra method.

Daily Events:
Olos ti presento Psiche (Olos, let me introduce you to Psyche), is a periodical event that is pioneer in confronting, in synergic and constructive way, Psychoanalysis and Holism.

Dire, Fare, Cambiare (Speak, Act, Change), is a series of nation-wide events, which allow a basic first approach with the Anidra Method and with its inspirer M° Paolo Bendinelli.

The Tai Ji Quan Intensive Course is a day of full immersion into the infinite details of this powerful and therapeutic discipline.