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The Method

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The Anidra Method gradually introduces students to different areas of theoretical knowledge while supporting them with practical experiences like specific physical, energetic and mental activities. Relationships and interpersonal dynamics are the first and main areas that students are introduced to and, thanks to the Anidra method, they become an effective tool and precious working ground for students to learn to understand themselves.

Thanks to the residential nature of the Anidra courses, students are constantly interacting with each other, during both ordinary and training activities. During this interaction students are meant to observe themselves in order to build and strengthen a personal “external observer", in order to raise their awareness with regards to their inner and emotional dynamics. Thus they will achieve a more centred personality, finding it easier to identify “masks” and automated attitudes that affect one’s choices and behaviours.

According to this method, working in a group becomes paramount, as recognizing one’s mechanisms and sharing feelings, perceptions and emotions with others, leads students to refine a specific skill in observing themselves and others, in recognizing the nature of emotions and their repercussions even on the physical body.

By acquiring this point of view and work method, students can grow by drawing from a wide range of intellectual and experiential tools that embrace extremely diverse areas of knowledge and disciplines. Hence, event if the learning programme is “tailor-made” to each student’s needs, professional certificates or diplomas are given at the end of the course.